Ericsson, Vodafone



Involved from the beginning, 4site created the majority of site solutions in this all-encompassing network refresh-and-upgrade project for Vodafone’s national network in Ireland.



Acting as PSDP Coordinator, 4site collaborated in the creation and base-lining of the project rules and guidelines. We also undertook network-wide auditing surveys, multi skill visit (MSV) surveys, H&S rectification upgrades, enabling solutions as well as technical radio, transmission and power solutions. At every stage, we ensured all options were robust from a structural and Health & Safety point of view.

By utilising experienced multi-skilled resources throughout the process, 4site guaranteed that an optimal solution was delivered on time to facilitate an aggressive network deployment schedule.

Leveraging our independence and commitment to quality, 4site conducted acceptance, snagging and certification audits on all the sites we designed, following build by various ASPs.  This approach enabled us to make sure solutions were deployed as designed and to maintain quality levels and peace-of-mind for our client, Ericsson.

4Site also provided build crews to support the timely completion of the rollout.



We took our client’s high-level requirements and translated them into buildable solutions that successfully considered multiple constraints.  By working in close partnership with Ericsson, our work has enabled Vodafone to deliver a robust, reliable network to their customers.

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