Project Beacon is focused on the physical infrastructure of Vodafone and O2 and on delivering improved mobile coverage and capacity across the UK . This large-scale undertaking involves upgrading the combined networks to accommodate additional and/or newer equipment to facilitate the deployment of 4G / LTE technologies.



4site’s multidisciplinary in-house team is providing survey, design and technical solutions services on the project. Our experienced engineers have been assessing the loading capacity of existing antenna support structures across all site types nationwide in order to determine optimal solutions to accommodate the new equipment.

4Site has provided many value-engineered designs to accommodate specific radio and transmission requirements. We have done this without concession by designing innovative strengthening/enhancement solutions enabling us to avoid the need to redevelop sites or replace structures at considerable cost. Our skilled in-house team have analysed free-standing lattice towers, guyed masts, monopoles and rooftop steelwork to include the gathering of detailed measurements on site by way of climbdown, testing the steel grade of members and holding down bolts.

In addition to completing extensive structural assessment (GDC) work, we also carried out the following:

  • Site surveys
  • Technical solutions and site design
  • Investigative (invasive) work
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Trial holes with stats
  • Geotechnical investigations & soil testing
  • Ground penetrating radar surveys (GPR)



This major upgrade of mobile telecoms infrastructure across the UK required the deployment of LTE technologies to deliver faster, more reliable and greater capacity communications across the networks.
With video streaming and social media dependent on solid data networks, this project ensures Vodafone and O2 can continue to deliver a premium service to their customers.

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