Cain McKee soccer memorial cup 2018

report by Peter Keogh Friday the 14th of December marked an important date in the 4site calendar, with JP Clarkes bracing themselves for 53 “well behaved” 4site employees. Prior to this, there was the small matter of the Cain McKee Memorial soccer tournament.   Obviously it was a

4site smart cities

Smart cities: getting the network right!

Smart cities everywhere Christmas brings lovely presents of fitness trackers and smart clothing, sleep aids, VR games, voice activated virtual assistant, tablets, phones, maybe even a smart kettle or toaster or two. As we all get used to smart devices at home, what happens when we leave


Delivering Nokia infrastructure

Meeting new needs with proven skills “In a fast-changing sector like telecoms, experience is proving to be our most valuable asset” David Sheehan, Telecoms Engineer at 4site, explains how hard-earned knowledge and skills are enabling his company to tackle every kind of network infrastructure project. Anyone working in

4site fibre planners

Employee stories: Encouraged to grow

by Mo Kashani, Fibre Optic Lead Design Engineer, 4site.   Although I graduated from Limerick IT with a BSc in engineering in 2009, it would be few more years before I got an engineering job with 4site and pursued my first-choice career. The delay might seem surprising

Core services

Core expertise enables next-gen networks

Core Network Services need the right expertise. The explosion in data is well documented at this stage, but the implications from an engineering and infrastructure perspective are not as well understood. At 4site we’ve made it our business to develop unique skillsets in upgrading core


Surf’s up for 4site staff

4site out for a surf As 4site left Limerick for the first ever surfing outing there was excitement and a general feeling of “I hope I can stand up on the board”. Most of the group had never surfed before, with the exception of Dave Sheehan.


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