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Design-led turnkey services

4site delivers Turnkey Fibre and Wireless Services with design integrity

Fixed and Wireless Operators from the UK and Ireland have engaged 4site to design and build comprehensive integrated turnkey telecommunications solutions and provide value-engineered services for over 15 years now.

“We have a proven turnkey design-led model that reduces risk and delivers cost certainty across all types of projects”

Dom Kimber, Commercial Director, 4site.

As part of a turnkey service 4site deliver fixed and wireless infrastructure projects from start to finish. We plan, survey, design and build. On top of this we can manage and supervise the physical build of the network as an appointed Design Authority and Client Representative on site.

This sees us working hand in glove with the nominated construction firm, to ensure quality and integrity per 4site detailed design specification.

Design-led throughout the lifecycle of the project

This is seen as a huge plus for operators, as it gives complete assurance that:

  • the work is being carried out in accordance with the approved design specification
  • the work is being supervised and audited by a suitably experienced Clerk of Work (or Resident Engineer)
  • any build issues or potential blockers are being resolved without delay
  • costly standing time or stand-down charges are avoided
  • the BOM (bill of materials) is being carefully monitored in terms of change control and design deviation

Our web-based GIS software, developed by 4site/ESRI, enables real-time reporting from site using hand held tablets by our skilled field operatives.

Bespoke teams deliver exceptional results every time

“4site has unrivaled fibre design experience and has already completed over 2 million homes and businesses across Ireland and the UK. On the wireless side, 4site has surveyed and designed in excess of more than 5,000 sites.”

In the early stages as part of scope definition, 4site takes all challenges and elements into consideration. Using our practical experience and in-house design expertise, we can establish the most appropriate Design and Build rules & guidelines for successful project execution.

Then when it comes to design we will provide appropriately detailed drawings for rapid deployment. All risks are designed out where practicable, with accurate the optimal solution proposed, meaning that all those involved are completely aligned, ensuring a smooth and successful roll-out.
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